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Identifying usability problems through team working, conducting design sprint.


My user research experience includes survey design, in-depth interview, competitive analysis, heuristic evaluation, user testing (in person, remote user testing).


Hand sketching, storyboarding, designing mockups (Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch), prototyping (InVision, Marvel, Balsamiq), responsive web design.


Communicating with teammates, users, expressing self-ideas, respecting all points of views and learning from others.

Design is a never-ending process. I hold the faith of lifelong learning and am dedicated to creating design strategies that streamline workflow, and solving challenges with a creative team.

One cup of coffee a day keeps my life shining on my way. From late 2016, I have been to more than 36 coffee shops in Austin. Now, I'm exploring the fantastic coffee places in the bay area.

Since I was born, I have traveled to 12 countries. Within these two years in the U.S., I have visited 12 states. One of my craziest goals is to travel every state in the U.S. I believe one day this dream will definitely come true!