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Hiretual Style Guide


Hiretual is a sourcing tool for enterprise recruiters to source across 30+ platforms and find 700M professional profiles with Hiretual's AI sourcing assistant, and engage best-fit passive candidates with instant contact info. 


As Hiretual gradually grows, we realize the need to build the design style guide for the design at scale. We want to be consistent and evolve the brand and product. In addition, building a well-defined style guide could help designers and developers work and collaborate more closely and easier. Therefore, since I joined Hiretual, I've continued building the design guidelines.


Color Palette

Step 1. Theme Colors

Hiretual is an AI assistant for enterprise recruiters that augments a recruiter’s reach. Hiretual analyzes thousands of profiles in seconds and then aggregates candidate profile data from over 30+ platforms in one place, so the enterprise recruiters can determine much faster if each candidate's qualifications match their needs. When a recruiter is ready to engage, Hiretual provides candidate contact information and integrates into the company's email platform so the recruiter can schedule email times and automate follow-up messages without leaving their email system.


Therefore, by utilizing AI with sourcing passive qualified candidates, recruiters now get more time to spend on the human aspects of their job — engaging and connecting with these strongly qualified candidates through Hiretual Engage feature.

The Challenge

Is it easy to use?

Based on the direct customer feedback from the Customer Success team, feedback from the internal team and comparative analysis research findings, Hiretual's users were frustrated by the product because of the following reasons:

  • There were many different terms including "Talent Group", "Engage", "Engagement", "Nurture Track", "Email Templates", and "Follow-up Templates". In Hiretual, these terms are all related to Engage feature, but there were 2 scenarios: the first one users could directly send emails to candidates by engagement; The other case was users needed to add candidates to the talent group and then engage them by groups. Users were confused with the different scenarios and couldn't figure out how to start, where to click after they find the ideal candidates, and why they need nurture tracks.


  • There were 4 different user flows and 6 entry points to create engagements. Too many options confused users what were the differences and why they needed to choose one way, where took them several steps to achieve the final goal: send emails and engage with ideal candidates.

The product flows were not clear and the current design would take users many steps to get to the final way. Therefore, how to improve the UI and simplify the engage flow to help enterprise recruiters finish their work quickly and efficiently is our goal.

The Design Solution

Simplify the flow